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At Troop ART, our priority is quality, commitment and responsibility towards our art community and artists. We offer in the same space the opportunity to be a collector, owner, make an original gift or simply be supportive of your favorite artists, helping them to continue creating and at the same time, have their works available in different formats such as NFT, prints and digital art.
We are proud to be a platform that contributes and increases day by day the Creative Economy, engine of change and progress in the world. Our vision is to create a unique space that connects art enthusiasts, artists, their works and culture, offering an immersive art-artist-user-customer-work experience.
We are pleased to be able to offer a safe and reliable platform for artists and users, allowing them to enjoy all the features and benefits that Troop ART develops for its users. In addition, our space encourages interaction and communication between artists and users, allowing our art and artist community to grow and strengthen day by day. Reaffirming in this way our economic, social and cultural commitment at a global level.
We invite you to enjoy an immersive and unique experience that allows our users to enjoy art and insert themselves into the global Creative Economy. Join us and discover the world of art and creativity with Troop ART.

Art without frontiers

Here you will find artwork of various styles and artists from around the world, in digital format, prints distributed by mail to wherever you are in the world and exclusive NFTs. One of the main characteristics of NFTs is that they are unique and immutable, which means that each one is an item that cannot be replicated or copied. This provides great security for buyers and sellers, as the authenticity of the artwork is backed by blockchain technology. And we are excited to announce that artists and customers, will have their NFTs encrypted on the Polygon network. Our catalog also features high-quality artwork, printed on high-end paper and using the best printing techniques to ensure that every detail and color of the artwork is faithfully reproduced. Digital artwork is a great option for those looking to support artists and get high quality artwork at affordable prices, browse our catalog and find the perfect digital artwork for you!

We invite you to discover, explore and build a community where art, artists, users and artworks come together in a single vision: to make the world a more beautiful place full of opportunities. In our social network space, you will be able to stay in touch with artists, visit their profiles and discover their creative processes. You will also find a news section where you can learn more about the art world and its trends. In addition, in TroopArt you can collect unique and authentic works of art, with the guarantee and security that each piece is of the highest quality. And best of all, you can do it with the peace of mind of knowing that you are supporting artists and contributing to the creative economy. We invite you to be part of our community and build a better world, where art and creativity are valued and celebrated. Join us today and start exploring the world of art and creativity!

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